PSA President calls for removal of HMRs from 6CPA

PSA President calls for removal of HMRs from 6CPA

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) President Grant Kardachi has recommended that pharmacist funding for the HMR and RMMR programs be removed from the 6CPA and instead included on the MBS schedule.

The PSA believes a capped, five-year funding agreement is inappropriate for a fee-for-service payment model intended to meet specified consumer health needs, particularly when the general practitioner referrals are MBS funded (Item 900) and uncapped.

They see long-term benefits in allowing the service to grow and adapt if the service is removed from the 6CPA and included in the MBS.

Such a move would represent a significant shift in the recognition of pharmacists as health care providers.

The full discussion paper ‘Better health outcomes through improved primary care: Optimising pharmacy’s contribution’ is available for viewing on the PSA website.

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