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Home Medicines Review Software for GP Clinics


Our home medicines review software for GP clinics is easy to use and has been designed to facilitate collaboration between accredited pharmacists and general practitioners. MR Assist allows GPs to securely send HMR referrals online to their preferred pharmacist, monitor the progress of referrals to ensure timely scheduling of the follow-up GP consultation and easily create medication management plans.

Connect with Pharmacists

We can help you to find pharmacists looking to perform HMRs in your area and connect via our online platform to share HMR documentation.

Send Referrals Securely

No more faxing or emailing sensitive patient data. Send referrals and receive HMR reports securely via our online portal.

More Convenience

With MR Assist, all of your HMR information is conveniently located in one place for instant access and retrieval.

Save Time

Reduce the amount of time you spend on faxing, following up with pharmacists and keeping track of referrals.

Less Paperwork

With MR Assist, you can say goodbye to mountains of faxes back and forth and searching your email inbox for correspondence.

Higher Quality Reports

Our platform guides pharmacists in the writing of reports using SOAP principles favoured by GPs to ensure you receive higher quality HMRs.

Easily Monitor HMRs

Our platform allows you to monitor the status of HMRs to ensure you follow up in a timely manner and deliver the highest level of patient care.

Get Paid

Receive automatic notifications when an HMR is completed so that you can promptly organise the follow-up GP consultation and claim with Medicare.

‘MR Assist is visually appealing, easy to navigate and the email notifications to advise me that an HMR is ready for viewing are fantastic!”

– Toni Chappel, Practice Nurse

We Understand GP Clinics


MR Assist was developed in consultation with various general practitioners as well as practice owners, managers, nurses and administrators.

We appreciate that GPs don’t have time for data entry which is why we designed our platform for use by practice nurses and administrators on behalf of GPs.

We recommend that HMR referrals be implemented by practice nurses as part of a broader chronic disease care program. For more guidance on this, please visit our clinic support page.

Product Support

An extensive product support manual is available to guide you in your use of MR Assist. We recommend you read this before getting started.

Home Medicines Review Guide

Our guide to home medicines reviews highlights the essential information you absolutely must know about HMRs.

MR Assist is 100% free to use for general practitioners and clinics
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