MR Assist is a secure cloud-based platform for accredited pharmacists and general practitioners to share, complete and monitor the progress of home medicines reviews (HMRs).

Designed by Pharmacists, for Pharmacists

Complete more Home Medicines Reviews in less time

Our easy-to-use home medicines review software enables accredited pharmacists to receive, manage, complete, and claim HMR referrals quickly and securely.

Features & Benefits

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Save Time

Complete HMRs faster using our template-based system and
submit claims in under 10 seconds

Less paperwork

With electronic referrals and monthly claiming at the click of a button, say goodbye to hours of administrative work.

Monitor Progress

Keep track of your HMRs from the initial referral through to the follow-up GP appointment, claiming and beyond.

Greater Security

No more faxing or emailing sensitive patient data. Receive referrals and send HMR reports securely via our online portal.

Improve Your Report Quality

Improve your report quality and increase your likelihood of
repeat referrals with our SOAP report writing guidelines
favoured by GPs

AMT Integration

Integration of Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) allows you to quickly identify medication and dosage for use in patient medication lists.

More Convenience

All of your important HMR information, conveniently located in one place for instant access and retrieval.

Accessible Everywhere

MR Assist is cloud-based meaning you can complete HMRs anywhere, anytime on a PC, laptop or tablet device

Follow-Up HMRs

Identify HMRs eligible for a follow-up consultation and complete and claim these with ease.

Faster Claiming

We now integrate directly with the PPA online portal, making HMR claims a breeze.

Pricing Plans

No hidden fees. No lock-in contracts. Free customer support.

Software Fees

$20 + GST per HMR


$10 + GST per Follow-Up HMR


Pay only for what you use.


Payable monthly in arrears

Referral Fee

$30 + GST per HMR


Not applicable to follow ups


Applies where we introduce you to the clinic


Payable monthly in arrears

Prices in Australian Dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MR Assist has been created first and foremost as a platform for pharmacists to manage and complete home medicines reviews faster
and more efficiently. Whilst it is ideally used as a dual-sided platform in collaboration with clinics, you do have the ability to upload
referrals manually if the clinic is not also using MR Assist.

MR Assist was developed in consultation with various general practitioners as well as practice owners, managers, nurses and
administrators. We appreciate that GPs don’t have time for data entry which is why we designed our platform for use by practice nurses
and administrators on behalf of GPs. We recommend that HMR referrals be implemented by practice nurses as part of a broader
chronic disease care program.

Yes. The software is directly integrated with PPA Online, allowing you to submit claims from our software with the click of a button.
Integrated claiming is currently only available on initial HMRs. Follow-up HMRs still need to be uploaded manually.

If you require a source of HMR referrals, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will do our best to connect you with clinics
in your desired catchment area. Unlike other HMR software providers, we assign pharmacists exclusively to certain practices, so you
don’t need to constantly check and compete for referrals. Where we have connected you with a practice, you will pay a fee of $30 +
GST per referral in addition to the software cost of $20 + GST per HMR (payable monthly in arrears).

Where you have your own supply of HMR referrals, you can simply set yourself up in the system, add the GP clinic and get started.

We offer pharmacists a free 30-day trial, where you can use the full functionality of the software to set yourself up in the system and
complete HMRs to see if you like it. We offer free support and guidance to get you set up correctly. After the 30 days, if you wish to
continue, you will be charged per HMR, monthly in arrears.

Click the Get Started or Free Trial button on our home page and follow the prompts to create an account. If you require assistance,
please send us an email at

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