MR Assist is a secure cloud-based platform for accredited pharmacists and general practitioners to share, complete and monitor the progress of home medicines reviews (HMRs).

Accredited Pharmacists

Spend less time on paperwork and report writing. With MR Assist accredited pharmacists can receive, manage, complete and claim HMR referrals faster and more efficiently.

General Practitioners & Clinics

Keep up to date with your HMR referrals. The MR Assist platform allows GP clinics to securely refer HMRs to accredited pharmacists and monitor their progress in real time to ensure that the follow up GP appointment is completed in a timely manner. MR Assist is free to use for GPs and clinics.

Features & Benefits


MR Assist helps general practitioners, clinic administrators, practice nurses and accredited pharmacists collaborate to ensure that HMRs are completed in a timely manner.

Send referrals securely

No more faxing or emailing sensitive patient data. Send referrals and receive HMR reports securely via our online portal.

Monitor referral progress

MR Assist helps you to stay on top of your referrals. Monitor HMRs from the initial referral through to the follow up GP appointment. See which referrals require scheduling and be aware of when reports and claims are due.

Complete HMRs faster

Our easy to use report template makes completing HMRs a breeze. Complete more HMRs in less time giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Compile claims

Reduce the burden associated with manual claiming. MR Assist aggregates data from each HMR to pre-fill your claim forms enabling you to submit claims with the Pharmacy Guild quickly and effortlessly with the click of a button.

Accessible everywhere

MR Assist is cloud based so your jobs are available anywhere at anytime over the internet on desktop or tablet devices.

“Before using MR Assist, we were having difficulty managing our paper trail and were often not receiving HMRs back from our pharmacists, meaning we missed out on valuable revenue from the follow up GP appointments. MR Assist is an easy program to work with and has provided us with a much faster and more organised way of sending and receiving HMR documentation online. If you are experiencing issues with your HMR referrals, I would highly recommend contacting the team at MR Assist.”

– Pia Lupoi, Practice Nurse

Send and track referrals. Complete HMRs. Generate Claims.
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