Room for improvement in frequency of HMR referrals

Courtesy of Christie Moffat at Pharmacy News: Australian researchers found that less than half of 180 GPs surveyed had participated in HMRs, and that the lowest frequency of specific HMR behaviours related to discussion between GPs and pharmacists. She continues: … Read More

MR Assist Launches HMR Software

MR Assist has today beta launched its new software for accredited pharmacists, general practitioners (GPs) and clinics to alleviate the administrative burden associated with completing home medicines reviews (HMRs). The cloud-based software facilitates secure sharing of HMR referrals between GP … Read More

Pharmacy Guild assumes control of HMR claiming and introduces caps

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is set to assume control of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement (5CPA) programs currently managed by the Department of Human Services. In a bid to ensure the sustainability of the programs in the face of … Read More