Courtesy of Christie Moffat at Pharmacy News:

Australian researchers found that less than half of 180 GPs surveyed had participated in HMRs, and that the lowest frequency of specific HMR behaviours related to discussion between GPs and pharmacists.

She continues:

“It is noteworthy that although GP’s attitudes to the HMR were generally positive, HMR-related behaviours tended to occur with low frequency,” the researchers wrote.


“To foster more widespread GP uptake of HMRs, there is a clear need to provide opportunities for building communication and trust between GPs and pharmacists and address the systematic barriers which impeded interprofessional collaboration.”

MR Assist is seeking to address this exact issue by improving the collaboration between GPs and pharmacists through our online platform, which facilitates the secure sharing of HMR referrals and reports.

The study relating to GP behaviour regarding HMRs was initially published in the Journal of Interprofessional Care.


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